Hi. I'm Andreas.

A Website Nerd.

As a Search Engine Optimizer and a minimalistic website developer, I prioritize minimalistic and simple design elements in my work and consider them to be my closest allies.

As a Search Engine Optimizer and website developer, I prioritize minimalistic and simple design elements in my work and consider them to be my closest allies.

Software that assists Flenster in assisting you

We utilize these software to ensure positive outcomes for our clients


Our use of Calendly streamlines the meeting planning process, making it both easy and fast.


We primarily communicate with you through Discord, but we also provide alternative communication methods, such as Instagram, telephone number and others to accommodate your preference.

Semrush is utilized by us to ensure that your website is in line with current SEO trends and maintains a favorable SEO score.

To ensure easy and safe payments, we use Stripe for all transactions with Flenster, whether they be monthly or one-time payments.


WeTransfer is utilized by us to securely and efficiently transfer high-quality images that will be featured on your website.


The crucial element!
We utilize WordPress in conjunction with Elementor to design websites and enhance SEO.

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Flenster's Latest projects

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Who and what?
BlueSprout is a social media marketing company based in Hjørring, North Jutland. The company strives to support local North Jutland customers – both big and small – in their pursuit of a strong presence on social media, whether it’s through social media content, profile management, or copywriting.

Services we provided:
Website development, SEO and creative consulting

Created with:
WordPress + Elementor + Semrush

"Old" Flenster

Who and what?
The “old” Flenster did online marketing through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Ads.

We have choosen to focus on web development now because of a greater passion for website creation.

A significant factor that also played a role for Flenster was that we were not big fans of getting paid to use other companies’ money for online marketing.
We prefer to create a product, and then there would not necessarily be a need for additional spend to drive traffic to the product.

Services we did:
General Social media marketing.

Created with:
WordPress + Elementor Pro

Den Blaa

Who and what?

Den Blaa is a restaurant in Lønstrup, Denmark.

There was a need for a new website as the restaurant got new owners and needed a refresh.

At Den Blå, you can enjoy a delicious lunch – perfect after a stroll through the beautiful Lønstrup. As the evening approaches, the charming waiters roll up their sleeves and serve a selection of delightful, shareable dishes – all with a focus on local ingredients and originality.

Once your hunger is satisfied, our terraces turn into an oasis of tasty cocktails and good music, creating the perfect atmosphere for late summer evenings..

Services we provided:
Website development, SEO and possibility to change their own menu

Created with:
WordPress Elementor

Hos Camilla (Hos-C)

Who and what?
Hos-C is a Danish hair salon situated in Løkken, Denmark.

Its location is considered one of the finest in Denmark.

The reason for the need for a new website for Hos-C is because they have recently opened their second salon.

Therefore, they wanted to enable their prospective customers to easily book appointments for haircuts at their preferred location.

Moreover, they prioritize being more than just a hair salon by offering guidance to ensure their customers’ hair is always well-maintained.


Services we provided:
Website development, basic SEO, Booking integration

Created with:
WordPress Elementor + Melumi Booking


Could you be Flenster’s next project?

The company only accepts a limited number of projects at a time to ensure that every client is satisfied.

Flenster values customer satisfaction over quantity of clients and thus, rather have less clients who are happy with their websites, than have many clients and receive a bad reputation.

If you’re considering hiring Flenster, please send an email and the company will see how it can assist you.

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